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Come Sail on the Munin!

Vancouver's Viking Ship Munin is a 40 ft. authentic half-scale replica of the Norwegian Viking Ship Gokstad. The Munin sails year round and takes passengers out on weekend mornings or afternoons.

Want to go on an authentic viking sailing trip? Contact us and book a seat!

On board the Munin you can man an oar for the row out of the harbour.

Then, relax and enjoy the weather as the iconic red & white viking sail goes up and we cruise the bay.

Out on the water you can feel the breeze and get a sense for how Scandinavians sailed their way into history over 1,000 years ago.

The Munin has an all volunteer crew and we are always happy to have enthusiastic hands help out on board. We also accept donations to help with maintenance costs.

Last but not least, Munin is moored next to the Vancouver Maritime Museum so we encourage you to take a tour of their excellent facility after your sail.