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Email & Phone Contacts

Waldemar Jonsson (604) 435-0296

Contact us About Going Sailing!

The Munin is currently in dry dock at the Scandinavian Community Centre.

Due to extensive wear & tear from her 14 years in the water, she would need extensive work to make sea-worthy and so has been retired to display.

Our thanks to all who came out and sailed over the years, but the old viking gal is retired now.

Want to see the Munin? Come to the Scandinavian Community Centre at 6540 Thomas St, Burnaby, BC.

Munin Sailings Schedule

The Munin used to sail year round, usually on weekend mornings or early afternoons. We also offered special sailings around Yuletide Solstice with LED Christmas lights, music, blankets, hot food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Thank you for your interest, we had a great time sailing with you over the years!